Our Program
Christian Education / Job Training

Restore Texas Ministries is a men’s live in, Christian trade school and life restoration ministry teaching life skills, job training and addiction recovery curriculum. We provide a healthy supportive community with rules, boundaries, accountability and love to help each man develop personal discipline, and confidence to overcome life struggles. Daily devotions, Bible study and sit-down evening meals help build spiritual and personal relationships.

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Church Attendance

We help the men get into the habit of having a spiritual life. All men attend church on Sunday mornings and most Saturday nights.

Daily Devotionals

Monday - Friday the men start out with a 6:30 am devotional. This helps focus their attention on important things and helps them in building character.

Mentoring: Practical Guidance

The purpose of mentoring is to help men tap into the knowledge of those with more experience than themselves and learn faster than they would on their own. Every man has individual needs and a mentor can help them to navigate through life's challenges. Mentors provide friendship and guidance with practical matters including preparing for employment, spiritual growth, family relationships, money management and more.

RTM Mentors


Equipping Men for Employment

Restore Texas Ministries (RTM) teaches through on-the-job training. We build and make things, do maintenance, and real work that people pay for. This is how the trade school is funded.

RTM teaches men to become financially self-supporting enabling men to support themselves and their families. We teach job skills by doing actual work that the community needs and pays for. Men learn on-the-job skill-building on job sites from other skilled men and their supervisors.

Graduates that applied themselves to their work left RTM with job training, a car, a job, and an apartment.



A Daily Choice: Overcoming Life-Controlling Problems

The Overcomers program is a Christian based addiction recovery program.

The 90-day program "A Daily Choice, Overcoming Life-controlling Problems" helps men men find freedom from addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling, codependency issues, eating disorders, sex addictions, violence and criminal behaviors.

Daily lessons help men discover root causes of emotional and spiritual road blocks that have kept them trapped in a cycle of confusion, addiction and wrong choices. The practical solutions presented in the A Daily Choice workbook are based on solid Biblical principles and have been powerfully proven effective in thousands of lives since 1985.


Authentic Manhood: 33 The Series

Authentic Manhood is all about setting men up to live lives of truth, passion and purpose. Our resources offer clear and practical Biblical insights on God’s design for manhood that are both refreshing and inspiring. We point men to a gospel-centered vision of life that sets them up to enjoy God’s grace as they pursue the promises of His Word. Our resources, including the original Men’s Fraternity curriculum created by Dr. Robert Lewis, have influenced millions of men around the world. Our newest resource is “33 The Series.” It is a multi-volume, gospel-centered video series that presents the timeless truths of Authentic Manhood in a powerfully new and engaging way.

Needs Our Services?

We recommend you start with reading much of this material on this website. If you believe this may be a solution, make sure to 1) read the General Rules and Ministry Information page. 2) Fill out the Application, and 3) contact one of the directors.