Application, General Rules and Ministry Information


Apply to Get Into the Program

Interested applicants need to fill out the application and submit if for review. Please call Kevin, the Director, for submitting instructions at 936-581-7548.

It is the policy of the Restore Texas Ministries to provide equal educational and employment opportunities and not to illegally discriminate on the basis of race or color in its educational programs, activities, employment, and personnel policies.

General Rules and Ministry Information

RTM is a men’s live in, Christian trade school that benefits students in many ways:

1) We teach job skills by doing actual work that the community needs and pays for. Therefore, men learn while doing (on-the-job skill-building).
2) Men live at the dorms located on the property.
3) We mandate a Christian, life-skills and addiction recovery education curriculum for men at the school.
4) We take care of most of the men’s needs while at the school. (Child support payments and court / legal costs may be out of the scope of the school’s ability to help; it depends on the amount owed. This assistance is handled case-by-case.)
5) We assist in getting men their initial driver licenses or reinstatement of them.
6) For graduates, we provide direct monetary benefits to help launch them into a productive life (up to $4500; see details below).
7) For graduates, with their total monetary benefits, we assist them in purchasing a car.
8) For graduates, with their total monetary benefits, we assist them in setting up a place to live upon their graduation.
9) For graduates, we provide job placement services to those who will live in the area the school is located at.


Men cannot be a convicted sex offender. The conviction circumstances will not be considered.
Men cannot be on psychological medications of any kind. This rule includes prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications (including “mood enhancers.”)
Men cannot bring or have any pets at anytime while at Restore.

How the ministry is funded

The following is a description of how RTM is setup to operate day-to-day (last updated March 10, 2021). This is not an exhaustive description, but it intends to give one an overview of the ministry. This is not a contract. These policies may be rescinded, edited, and/or added to at any time without verbal or written notice.1) We do not receive nor desire government funding (Food Stamps, grants, etc.).
2) Men living at RTM work, as they learn, to pay the day-to-day expenses of the school.
3) With this in mind, men are required to work 40 hours per week to pay the bills and fund their education, and there is no sick time benefit nor is there a holiday monetary benefit (we are not a for profit corporation or a state agency). Each day off (e.g., holiday, sick time, or court day etc.) will result in a $100 deduction (a minimum days’ billed client work) from one’s final benefit. Men may make up their lost monitary benefit on Saturdays and/or working longer hours during the week (when work is available and management is able). This is a firm, static policy.
4) Men enter the program on a 30-day probation period. Therefore a man must stay in the program a total of 7 months to receive the full benefit.

What men get

1) Food, housing, work boots (after one month) and one pair of work gloves.
2) Men are given a bi-monthly incidental stipend on the 1st and the 15th (currently $25). Men may, but rarely receive, additional money for clothing based on need assessments via leadership evaluation.
3) When men enter Final Phase (the last three months of their stay), by seniority, they will receive a benefit of $1000 a month for the last three months. All monies paid out are based on a man working 40 hours per week. If a man does not average 40 hours a week, these amounts will be lower at a rate of $12 per hour. Furthermore, a full month must be completed–to the day to receive each month’s benefit. There is zero benefit for a partial month if a man leaves early or is exited. Sick time, holidays, and any missed work time has the potential to affect these amounts.
4) Men receive a $1500 graduation bonus if they complete the program and they have averaged 40 hours a week. All monies paid out–including the graduation bonus–are based on a man working 40 hours per week. If a man does not average 40 hours a week, all monetary amounts will be lower at a rate of $12 per hour. Sick time, holidays, and any missed work time has the potential to affect these amounts. The maximum benefit at RTM is $4500. This is the absolute cap (save overtime work; see below). These funds are used to buy each graduate a car, get them an apartment, pay their court fees (if the fees are low enough), etc.
5) We have both a welding and carpentry shop. With these we are able to provided an environment for students to learn and/or strengthen a trade.
6) For graduates, job placement services.
7) Men may have their own vehicle at RTM upon approval of the director (generally towards the end of the program).
8) Men may, but rarely receive, an additional amount of money depending on need assessments via leadership evaluation.
9) Men are allowed to have a cell phone at the direction of the director, usually toward the end of Final Phase (the last 4-6 weeks of the program), but one must not use it for “Facebooking”, texting and the like while on any job.

What men must do

1) Men must be physically able to work while at RTM. If at any time a man cannot work, he must immediately make other housing arrangements. Unfortunately, we are not setup as a medical, short-term care, or long-term care facility.
2) Men must have a work ethic that deserves $12/hour. (In other words: a man cannot be a lazy person and stay at RTM.) This is evaluated regularly.
3) Men must do chores (e.g., mow the grounds, clean the dorms and shop. etc.).
4) When a man first comes to RTM, he is on work crew immediately.
5) Men must perform their duties as assigned by the directors, dorm supervisors, and team leaders.
6) If RTM pays anything for a man (e.g., extra clothing, court costs, child support, dental or doctor visit, etc.), these funds come out of one’s total benefit up front.
7) Men must maintain a drug and alcohol free lifestyle. There is zero tolerance for violations for drug or alcohol use. If a man uses drugs or alcohol, he will be exited immediately from the program.
8) Men enter the Final Phase (school phase, job phase, or business phase–the last three months) at RTM on a first come first served basis.
9) Men may have to come off Final Phase temporarily if the school requires monies to stay solvent. Although rare, it is a possibility (this has only happened two 1-week periods in 6 years).
10) There is no moonlighting at RTM (i.e., side jobs arranged by clients). Men will be removed for this violation.
11) RTM’s leadership makes every effort to find 40 hours/week of work for every man. There are times where this is not possible ( e.g., work slowdowns; men’s poor work ethics). Not working 40 hours/week will result in a lower benefit overall benefit. The benefit is lowered at a rate of $12/hour. For instance, if a man averages 35 hours a week during his stay, his maximum benefit would be $2940 (5 hours missed per week x $12 per hour x 26 weeks–6 months).
12) All hours are added and averaged when a man finishes the program. If his hours are over 40 he is paid at $12/hr. (or a lower rate if we are unable to secure that rate for a particular man, e.g., $10/hr). This is the only factor that could increase the maximum benefit.
13) Church, Bible Studies, Addiction Recovery classes, Chaplain’s group discussions, etc. are all mandatory.
14) All men must understand that their enthusiasm matters: every job is an opportunity for more work. Every job is a mini-interview and a reflection of a man’s character. Men who understand this typically end the program better off.
15) If a man needs a ride to work (when he gets a job), court, probation, etc., the driver’s time ($12/hr.) and mileage (.25/mile) will be logged and deducted from the clients’ over all monies up front.

Men will be exited for the following reasons (and others not listed here as well)

1) Creating conflicts in the ministry (e.g., creating drama, being constantly self-centered, being uncooperative with leadership, etc.).
2) Being arrested for a state or federal crime (speeding tickets may result in removal from RTM’s driving list).
3) Violating a major policy or for multiple offenses of minor policies.
4) Being uncooperative.
5) Bringing a firearm of any kind onto the property.
6) Being emotionally unstable and not making progress in changing it. (RTM is committed to each man. We provide professional counseling services when men are struggling with emotional issues.)
7) Missing spiritual and personal growth meetings.
8) As stated above, Moonlighting at RTM (i.e., “side jobs” or “off the books” work arranged by clients).
9) For other reasons not listed here that the directors and/or Board of Directors judges deserving of an exit.