Intentional Spiritual Growth


Devotionals: The men read Scripture passages and pray every morning on a daily basis in a group setting. This sets the pattern for them in the future.
Work: A big part of being a spiritual person is being responsible for oneself and one's family, so we set the pattern for the men with a 40 hour work week (Mon.-Fri.)


Church attendance is manditory at RTM. We attend a couple of conservative churches.


The RTM Chaplain, Dr. James Mathew, comes by RTM every other week and holds a group disciplship meeting and is availible to the men for personal coaching and prayer. Rick Pritchard teaches character classes every other week.


Each man is evaluated weekly in areas of physical and spirtual growth via a leadership meeting.
Afterwards, in a group session (and individual sessions--if nessesary), we have round table meetings where problems and solutions are talked about in measured ways.


Men attend the Overcomers Addiction Recovery class. These studies have proven results in helping people overcome addiction.


Men have an opportunity to attend a church service in Trinity at Burning Hope Church.


Men are encouraged to develope their relationships with their families where possible.
Men are allowed to visit their immediate families once a month after they enter the final three months of the program.