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We are looking for mentors, secretarial work, data entry people, case managers and more!

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Men pay their own way through their work, but we improve and expand the ministry with financial gifts.

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936-581-7548 Kevin Webb, the Director

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Videos of our Program

Kevin has been on staff with Restore Texas Ministries since 2015.

Take a quick look at out facilities.

James Mathew is the Restore Texas Ministries' Chaplain. He comes to RTM twice a month for dicipleship, coaching and prayer.

Tim resides in Huntsville and works as a welder.

Patrick is from Huntsville, TX. He stayed here and was hired by Fellowship of Huntsville Church.

John moved to Dallas to be closer to his family. He left with an apartment waiting for him, furnishings, a truck, two jobs, and restored relationships.

Each man's spiritual life is a priority to us!

Church, Bible studies, and classes are part of how we keep each man growing spiritually.

Our program works!

We care for each person on an individual level. This includes physical needs of the men we serve. This program is not one size fits all: each man's circumstances are evaluated, and a plan of action is formed to meet the needs of that man's situation.

We continue the spiritual development of people via church attendance, men's Bible studies, Overcomers Addiction Recovery program, chaplain visitation, counseling services and more. Our desire is to see each man restored to life, not some.

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Each man needs a job before he leaves our facility. Each man's skills are therefore evaluated, and we ask for his input. Based on these inputs we strive to match his skills and his desires with workforce conditions in the area he desires to move to.


If a man does not have transportation then he cannot get a job. If he does not have a job he cannot get transportation. Each man that has graduated Restore left with transportation if he was able to drive. This is a critical part of him being able to get back on his feet.


Men need money to get an apartment in most cases. If a man graduates, he leaves with enough money to get his own place to live.

Some of Our Work

The work we have done is as varied as the men we help. Restore Texas can manage all types of projects.